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Oil field equipment.

about us

Abrams Manufacturing, Inc. is an API Q1, 6A, and 16A licensed company located in Bakersfield, CA that offers a full array of standard wellhead and drill through equipment. 


By employing innovative thinking and proprietary designs,  Abrams challenges the industry standard by producing unparalleled solutions within API specification parameters. Abrams offers and has successfully provided unique one-off designs to meet specific customer needs. 

Our focus is to bring unprecedented cost saving solutions to the drilling industry. Several of Abrams products focus on dramatically reducing rig time by eliminating wait on cement by utilizing a removable casing hanger seal assembly. Removing this hanger allows for vertical movement of casing, (i.e.. thermal expansion and ground subsidence) in heavy oil producing fields where steam flood is utilized. 


With future environmental safety at the forefront, various products focus on the management of fugitive emissions and loss of containment opportunities. Many Abrams products are built with longevity in mind, allowing for servicing of proprietary annular seal assemblies without killing the well or field. 

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